Wooden Garden Furniture – Choose The Best Type Of Wood

If you want to rework your garden and, along with new grass, watering systems, freshly planted trees, new porch and so on, you will definitely need a new set of garden furniture. Furniture designed specially for garden/outdoor use comes in all shapes and sizes and, of course, it can be manufactured from different materials, whether natural or man-made. If you want to have a completely natural, rustic feeling about your garden and your porch, you will surely opt for wooden garden furniture, which you will safe-keep from the winter elements in your wooden sheds in the back of the garden.

Before venturing to your local furniture dealer, you have to be aware of the fact that wood comes in many, many different types which all have different, specific attributes – ranging from hardness, durability and other technical characteristics in which engineers are interested, to more artistic, aesthetic categories like color, grain or shape, which will interest decorators.

Not all wood is equal, not at all. For garden furniture it is especially important to be made of wood which has good natural resistance to rot and insect infestation. There are hundreds and hundreds types of wood which can be manufactured into furniture, but there are not a lot of those which are resistant to constant rainy days or the brutal August sun.

There are two completely different approaches trees use to protect themselves from rot. The first way is, basically, chemical, because trees protect their tissue (wood) using chemical compounds which make it resistant to rot-inducing bacteria or bugs. These compounds protect the wood because the bacteria or bugs find it either toxic or offensive. Because of this, they choose to attack wood types which do not contain such chemicals.

The other protective strategy is simple physical barrier – trees create specific structures (on microscopic levels) called tyloses. These fill out the pores in the wood itself and prevent moisture from entering in tissue of trees. This way, creatures that thrive in moisture, like bacteria and bugs which cause decay, are not interested in infiltrating the wood in the first place.

Whichever tactic trees use, the goal is always the same – to be able to resist the elements and assure durability. Probably the most durable types of wood are North American Cedars (Northern White and Western Red). They are famous for their durability, low specific weight, and beautiful grain. Most commonly, they are used in boat building, house siding and furniture. You will certainly value your cedar covered garden shed which just might outlast your house! Other wood types which are excellent for garden furniture are teak and eucalyptus. Teak, with its beautiful silvery patina and extreme durability, is mostly used for furniture while eucalyptus, sporting a wonderful grain, high density and high oil content (repelling moisture) can be used in a variety of outdoor purposes.

Other tree types used for garden furniture and that can make your wood shed look beautiful are the king of trees – oak (especially white oak), the African acacia and the China fir.

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